BRISE – Designed for allergy care

Health is the most essential  and important in life. Nobody would deny it. We choose safe place to go, healthy food to eat..etc but can we choose clean air to breathe in?
A couple of years ago, BRISE was founded by 3 fathers from different countries, whose families have been suffering allergy or asthma for a long time. They decided to innovate the current healthcare of allergy by advanced technology and data science. They hope that this innovation will help more people with problem of allergy.
The very first product introduced by BRISE in 2018 is the intelligent air purifier “BRISE C200“. It filters not only very fine particles, such as PM2.5 , but also VOCs , bacteria and virus. If you want to know more about filtering, visit this page. The BRISE C200 is a smart device with built-in advanced sensors. It measures and improve your air quality; at same time he also provides you advice. Because it is so smart, it can be personalised and work on your personal condition and wishes, just by a few clicks on BRISE App (iOS, Android). Besides, the life time of filter is often a headache for air purifier users. Not like those traditional purifier that you need to write down when the filter must be replaced, BRISE has completely smart solution, called HEPASmart. You will benefit the best balance of health and cost and it even inform you automatically when the filter needs to be replaced, what type filter is recommended and where to buy.
The pollen season is coming. If your family has hay fever or allergy and you prefer a better smart device, BRISE is very much recommended. Reply on this article below and mention #BRISE and we will send you a discount code to you. 
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