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Eleclean H2O disinfectant device
Eleclean is founded by Dr. Chen from Taiwan, who volunteered for participating in the rescue team during severe nature disasters in Southeast Asia many years ago and witnessed the tragedy that people became homeless, suffered from hunger and had no clean water to drink. He felt so heartbreaking and decided to make significant contributions. As a result, he invented a series of water purification modules to provide refugees with clean and drinkable water, such as Qwater. Soon after Dr. Chen returned to Taiwan, ELECLEAN was brought to the world.  
The patented technology of Eleclean enables people produce clean, safe and eco-friendly disinfectant by themselves through 100% water only by Eleclean devices. Yes! 100% water. No chemicals added, such as alcohol and chlorine…etc. The effectiveness of anti-microbial, such as Flu virus H1N1. E. Coli, and Salmonella..etc, is tested by third-party institutes like international SGS testing organization. The produced peroxide substrates are also approved even more effective than alcohol and chlorine. The skin test also shows there is no irritate or abnormal effect.  
The Eleclean Disinfectant Device is the first model introduced by Eleclean. It is handheld size with lithium battery inside, charged with micro-USB cable. Today we can produce safe and eco-friendly disinfectant by ourselves anytime everywhere. What we only need to do is to fill tap or bottle water in and wait for 15 minutes. Afterwards, it can be sprayed on skin, hand and objects that you intend to use or touch. When run out, you just need to refill it with water and start reaction for 15 minutes. You have fresh disinfectant again. It’s totally clean and eco-friendly! You won’t get dry skin because of alcohol substrate from hand sanitizer.
It is very convenient for, for example, parents with kids, people with sensitive/ allergy skin and everyone who thinks sustainable and likes budget friendly products. 
You may find more useful information on their Q&A page

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